Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Hardest Time of My Life

The title is a bit dramatic, but it is truly how I feel right now. My mom passed away in England on Friday morning and I feel a loss like no other. After a successful operation to remove cancer, she developed complications and had a massive stroke. She spent her last two weeks in intensive care and died peacefully on Friday.

Throughout my 40 years, my mother made me laugh, cry - in good times and bad times, angry, and sometimes sad. But most of all, she loved me and I am having a hard time comprehending that I will never see her again or speak to her on the phone each weekend. I am used to not seeing her as I live in a different country, but knowing that I won't be able to hear her voice is really hard. And I am so mad with myself because last week I went through my answer machine and deleted a bunch of messages, one of which was from her telling Ned and me how much she loved us.

When I got my citizenship I had to turn in my green card and I never applied for an American passport because as far as I was concerned, I wasn't traveling in the near future and I could do this any time. Now I have to race to San Francisco on Monday to get an emergency passport so I can fly out on Tuesday. Even then I won't be with my family until Wednesday around 4pm and that is just not soon enough. I need to be with my dad, sister and nephew so bad it aches.

There isn't anything anyone can say, I haven't written this for bunches of sympathy, I just needed to write it down. I know how it feels now for the other person who has lost someone and you are at a loss as to what to say, because no one knows what to say to me. I have received some lovely messages and my friends have been wonderfully caring. Someone is coming to San Francisco with me on Monday, even though it means they will be in the car for five hours, the passport office for however many hours, and then five hours back all in one day. I couldn't ask for better friends.

My mom drove me batty at times, especially in the last five years, there was a change in her and neither my sister and I could figure it out. She was 66 when she died, yet she talked like she was 80 and her life was almost over. It was, but no one knew this. I am just so grateful that she got to enjoy her two grandchildren and that I was home last Christmas and she was well and happy and we were all together for one last family Christmas. I don't think I could have timed it any better.

Ned understands what has happened, but because he didn't see his grandma as much as Marcus did, I don't think it has hit him that hard. And he is only five. But when I picked him up from school on Friday, I told him that we would be going back to England and he needed to take care of Marcus and grandpa because they were hurting really bad. His response was: "I am just going to say, hey guys, it's okay, she's an angel now".

She is an angel now, and knowing my dear mom, she is probably having the time of her life flitting around between family and friends and catching up on all the news and telling everyone what wonderful grandsons she has!

Love you mom, always.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Saga Must End

The saga must end because I cannot indulge her nonsense any longer. These are her last words (to me, unfortunately not her last words in the world):

Mavis Davis:
I love how you whine about not being a whiner. You are a typical liberal whiner who has no problem angrily insulting the oppostion, then you try to end the conversation by calling the opposition mean and angry - right after you tell me you are mocking me with your tone. KOO KOO! You say I cannot have healthy debate, I believe our debate was very healthy! We both have different opinions, but one is right and the other wrong. You apologize to Tiffany for the political debate that occurred as a result of her posting a politically charged picture on HER Facebook. YOU were the first to add a comment on HER page - a comment that was insulting to her political opinion. You started it all my dear, if you want it to end, then shut up. I'm perfectly happy trying to educate you!

I know Taffy can handle it, that's why I felt an apology was unnecessary, also because I know that she and I have the same political opinions. She would have no doubt been nicer to you, you are her friend, you are not mine. You are a threat to my country and my freedom. You say you are from England - since you think their socialist way of life is so grand, go back there! How dare you come here and try to change the greatest country in history. We have a standard of living that is the envy of the world. You are angry because your arguments SUCK and I am angry because I'm watching people like you, with your simple-minded ideology, destroy my country. You are entitled to your opinion, you are not entitled to destroy people's freedoms or to health care! You have yet to answer any of the arguments given that throughout history it is proven that the more you do for people, the less they do for themselves. Creating lazy people with entitlement mentalities has never helped a society.

But you liberals never have learned from history. Why would you start now? Your belief system does nothing to actually help people, it only makes you feel good about yourself. P.S. The indecent hate the decent - that is why people hate George W. Bush. He loved this country, can't say the same about the current administration, kept us safe, and was great for the economy until the libs were voted in control of the House and Senate in 2006. Facts are facts, wah wah wah.

Wow, all five foot two of me is a threat to America? I must go back to England even though I am a LEGAL American citizen? I did not know I could be so threatening, how fun! Now I must go and use all my evil powers that stem from Europe (as all evil powers do) to bring down the greatest country in history! Mwahahahaha!!!!!

Facebook War Update

The next slew of insults:

Mavis Davis:
I can't see where we've used our first names either. So, what's your point? By the way, you misspelled mine. I'm not sure I believe you, it sounds like an accusation to me, but if I mistook your use of "you" I apologize. You are far from innocent, you were clearly angry in your "health care is right" comments above. I am right and have history to back me up, so that is not a burden at all. However, my burden lies in watching this country on the brink of destruction by a bunch of American-hating baffoons who wish to turn us into Europe. Funny, even the Europeans are learning from their failures and changing.

Mavis Davis:
You sound silly, Molly! I didn't think you were a stranger writing on Tiffany's facebook. I have many liberal friends, I"m from Oregon! That's how I know them so well. Oh, and Newsflash: Every single study ever conducted on the subject has overwhelmingly found that conservatives are happier than liberals, even when the liberals have won and their American-hating Messiah is in office. Studies have also concluded that conservatives overwhelmingly give more money to charity. That is because they believe in helping their fellow man - that's called humanity. They know that the government does not help people, it only takes from people. People help people! Sorry, but you do sound pretty whiney to me. It's the emotional liberal thing!

Mavis Davis:
No loss of energy, I just had to go to bed and wait for Molly's next whiney diatribe! :-)

It amuses me when the right wing think that President Obama hates America, and accuse him of being racist. It also amuses me that the right wing believe that they are always right and they can't debate anything but can only be insulting.

Um, I spelled her name wrong, shoot me, but I have left all her spelling mistakes on this post and the previous one.

Okay, so I lied and I posted this:

If I am a typical “whiney liberal” in your eyes, then you are the quintessential insulting right wing extremist who believes that their opinion is the only one that matters and you are unable to have a healthy debate without being insulting.

You don’t know me and you are wrong: I did not have an angry tone or any hatred when I was discussing health care. I do believe that everyone in this country is entitled to health care – no one should be left behind due to their circumstances or the fact that they cannot afford the same kind of treatment that others can. Am I mocking you in my tone of voice? Yes!

I started these comments stating that I believed Obama was not the Joker, but Bush was, because I find that particular picture of President Obama insulting, racist and derogatory. Those are my opinions. As a free American, I am entitled to them. You are entitled to yours, and I do not agree with you, but I have no hatred towards you.

I am not a fan of the previous president and you may not be a fan of the current president, but these are our individual opinions and should not spawn hatred.

With that, I am ending my part of the discussions because regardless of who is right and who is wrong, I am not going to resort to any further “debates” with you as it seems pointless.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Facebook War

Brace yourselves, this is a long one!

So my good friend, um, Tiffany we shall call her, posted this awful picture last night on her facebook page. I left a comment and her angry right winged sister in law went off on a tangent. I am posting the comments for you to see the amusement for yourselves. Names have been changed to protect the innocent!

Molly Martini

No, that is what we had with the last president - he was definitely the joker!!!

Mavis Davis

Don't people know that what this admin is trying to do has been tried in other countries and been a disaster? There is no logic with the left. Full speed ahead distruction of this country. And they'll continue to whine about the economy being Bush's fault - all the while ignoring or being totally ignorant of the roll the House and Senate played in it all. Never mind that there are videos where you can watch the Bush administration and Republican senators practically beg for something to be done about Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, while the Democrats (Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Maxine Waters) lied through their teeth. I guess the facts never get in the way when CNN, CBS, MSNBC, ABC, etc. refuse to report them. wah wah wah wah, another whiney liberal!

Molly Martini

The economy mostly is the fault of Bush. And I am from England (although proud to be an American citizen now!) and we have socialized medicine there and it is not the nightmare everyone makes it out to be. Why is everyone so scared of change?

Mavis Davis

I have many friends from England who say differently. America has the greatest health care system in the world. Why would you change that? Why, with the economy the way it is, would you go to a system that will bankrupt us? It does't make sense. This was tried in Hawaii, with children only, for less than two years and it didn't work. They closed down the program. The government can't run anything but the military. Example: our public schools, the post office, the V.A., Medicaid, THE GOVERNMENT! Now they are going to take over our entire health care system. It is simply a way to control people and to make achievers pay for non-achievers. THAT is what destroys a country. They mislead people when say the numbers of people who don't have health care. There isn't one person who doesn't have access to health care. The people who are truly in need of help, with no INSURANCE, can get it, that's what Medicaid is for.

Mavis Davis

You say the economy is the fault of Bush, but you ignore the fact that the democrats are responsible for the housing disaster which started this whole slide. George Bush got us through the greatest disaster our generation has ever seen. He did it with tax cuts. He cut taxes across the board, but the democrats said it was for the wealthy only That was a lie. He increased the earned income credit for single parents making low wages, he reduced the tax rate for the lowest income earners and so much more. Almost 50% of Americans pay no Federal Income Tax. That's disgraceful and Obama wants to punish the wealthy who pay all of the taxes and keep this country going. He is raising taxes on small business. The left hurts everything it claims to wish to help. And people keep sucking it up, as long as the media tells them to.

Mavis Davis

George Bush is a good man. I've thought long and hard for over eight years why the media would wish to destroy someone like they tried to do with Bush. All I can come up with is that it he is a good and decent man. When I look at all that is elevated in this country, it's certainly not decency. MTV, Hollywood, Bill Clinton, the murder of our children.... What's good and pure is ridiculed and what is perverted and raunchy is celebrated. I heard a man say once, "There is nothing so vulgar left in society today that they cannot fly in some professor from somewhere to justify it." Hmmm, I"ll have to add that one to my quotes! Good night :-)

Molly Martini

Ah, yes, the greatest health care in the world - maybe it is, but at a price many cannot afford. I am tired of the politicians that are only in it for themselves, for the rich to get richer and the poor to stay poor. I am not saying the state of the economy is the fault of Bush entirely, I am sure Clinton had something to do with it, but the last 8 years have been a nightmare and have not helped the situation, but have only made it worse. I don't care what political party someone prefers, I am more about humanity and I think that we as a country should work together, should help each other out, should be more of a community. Health care should be a right, not a privilege. I have family and friends in England still and the health care system is not as good as America, but it isn't the worst either. My mom is in hospital right now preparing for an operation to remove cancer tomorrow morning - she has not had to suffer or wait for months for this operation.

Tiffany’s Husband

The entire world benefits from the current health care in the United States -- without the current health care system combined with the dreaded Capitilism, there would not be all of the current treatments and medications. The whole of the world gets the payoff, but everyone is mad that the people that put up the money want to make a profit. Hell more often than not it isn't a profit, considering that there is countless money spent on R&D that goes nowhere. If the rest of the world had systems that were worth a s**t, the leaders of the world would not come here for treatment. The fact that not all of the people have insurance is not athe problem the media wants it to be. The media does not consider that not all young single people want the expense of insurance, for some it is cheaper to pay the doctor as needed.

Mavis Davis

Molly, you say "we as a country should work together." That is what we've been doing since the founding of our country. It is proven that the more government gets involved, the less people give to charity. American's donate more of their money they any other country. This is because we are big, fat, greedy capitalists. And Obama wishes to change this. The more people are dependent on government, the less they do for themselves. A society cannot exist like that. History has been recorded, why do so many ignore history? You say health care is a right? I disagree. People have to buy car insurance, law abiding citizens do it. Why can't people pay for their own health insurance? Why should someone else pay for it? It used to be an honor to work hard and be independant. Our children are being raised to think the world owes them something. If health care is a right, what is food? Should the government be paying for our food as well?

Mavis Davis

A beer sounds great! Even though it's 12:30 where I'm at. I suppose I'll just go to bed instead! :-)

Molly Martini

Driving a car is not a right, it is a privilege, so I don't even know how you can compare health insurance to that! And I do think everyone should have access to good health care, but not at the high costs they are at now. Have you ever lived on the poverty line? Do you know what it is like to go without health insurnace? I have, it sucks! And if your children believes the world owes them something, it is because you have failed as a parent, not the government or the world. We as parents raise our children, at least I do anyway. Oh, and our constitution states we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness - to have "life" we need health care. And by saying that people should pay no matter what the cost, you are not working together as "the people", you are in it for yourself.

Mavis Davis

You missed the point. If people do what it takes to pay for car insurance (because no one is doing it for them), then how much more important is health insurance? Since driving a car is a privilege, maybe some people have to give up their cars and pay for their health insurance instead of expecting others to do it for them. Besides, NO ONE is rejected health care in this country. You have bought the koolaid, you are mixing health care with health insurance. Insurance is not a right. For those who cannot afford insurance, there is government help. Medicare and Medicaid is only a high cost for the TAX PAYERS who are covering the program. The people who suffer from the high cost of health insurance are SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE PEOPLE OBAMA IS RAISING TAXES ON TO PAY FOR HIS PATHETIC ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS!!!!!!! What don't you get about that?

Mavis Davis

The only time I went without health insurance was when I chose to. Then later I paid for my own insurance at $100 per month. I had to scrimp in other areas. Big deal. My son worked a job that didn't provide insurance for three years and he, too, paid for his own insurance at $100 a month. Big Deal! So, your accusation of me failing as a parent is off base and insulting, but exactly what can be expected from soon on the left. Neither I nor my child expects the world to pay for us. YOU, HOWEVER, ARE DEFENDING THAT VERY THING IN YOUR CIRCULAR ARGUMENTS! YOU ARE THE ONE WHO THINKS HEALTH CARE IS A RIGHT, MY DEAR! NOT ME!YOU ARE NOT WORKING AS A PEOPLE, YOU ARE EXPECTING THE GOVERNMENT TO DO THAT FOR YOU!

Mavis Davis

You also ignored my statement that research shows that the more the government controls, the less people do for themselves. If you were as concerned for the welfare of humanity as you claim, you would process that fact, instead of ignore it. CHARITY AND HUMANITY SUFFERS WHEN THE GOVERNMENT TAKES CONTROL. DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Molly Martini

Wow, angry much?! I have no interest in arguing with you as I know we will never agree, and I am fine with that. Healthy debates are acceptable, shouting isn't. Sorry Tiffany, I can only apologize for my rudeness on your page! You my dear friend must be rolling your eyes! So glad we can agree to disagree on these matters.

Mavis Davis

You, Molly Martini, started the angry tone when you accused me of being a a failure as a parent. Here, I'll paste your comment for you, since you've apparently forgotten: "it is because you have failed as a parent". I'm sure Tiffany is rolling her eyes alright, but only because she has the same political beliefs that I have. As all on the left do, you think with your emotions, the right backs up their arguments with research and history, the left then resorts to insults, the right fights back, and the left starts crying and accusing the right of being mean. It gets really old. But Tiffany is a grown up. She knows that posting a political issue invites debate. She can handle it.

Molly Martini

Ooh, are we calling each other by our last names now Mavis Davis?! And what I actually said was "if your children believe the world owes them something, it is because you have failed as a parent, not the government or the world". Please notice the "if" at the beginning. This was in response to your comment "Our children are being raised to think the world owes them something". I did not angrily accuse you of being a bad parent, I was merely responding to what you had to say. You do seem very angry though, I am sorry that you feel so angry, it must be a huge burden to bear. And I don't go crying and accusing others of being mean, I am a big girl too. I just didn't want to disrespect my good friend Tiffany. Oh no, did I let it slip that Tiffany is friends with a Liberal? Oh dear, will she get into trouble now?!

So, to recap, she believes she is entitled to her opinion and it is the only one that should count, while my opinion counts for shit. Got it! She also has friends in England (really?) who tell her socialized medicine is baaadd! So I must be lying, right?

Worst of all, she started using my last name. She's going down!!!


This is disgusting. I think it is so disrespectful and very anti American. Oh, not to mention it is vandalism!!

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, I don't expect everyone to like our current president, but this is not right.

Before we all go around pointing fingers, remember this country was in a bad state before Obama became president, not after. And if you expect him to fix it overnight, you are unrealistic or just plain crazy, you choose!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Visitors from Vegas

Well you must know that I have some fabulous news if I am actually posting something on my blog! I just got news that Shelly is coming to visit in September and I am soooo excited!!!

I have never met Shelly. Shelly has never met me. I hope we like each other! I have a feeling that after a few of my martinis we will be the best of friends!!!

And the best part.........Ned is going to his dad's that weekend so we can have a total girlie drunkfest of a weekend!!!

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