Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Facebook War Update

The next slew of insults:

Mavis Davis:
I can't see where we've used our first names either. So, what's your point? By the way, you misspelled mine. I'm not sure I believe you, it sounds like an accusation to me, but if I mistook your use of "you" I apologize. You are far from innocent, you were clearly angry in your "health care is right" comments above. I am right and have history to back me up, so that is not a burden at all. However, my burden lies in watching this country on the brink of destruction by a bunch of American-hating baffoons who wish to turn us into Europe. Funny, even the Europeans are learning from their failures and changing.

Mavis Davis:
You sound silly, Molly! I didn't think you were a stranger writing on Tiffany's facebook. I have many liberal friends, I"m from Oregon! That's how I know them so well. Oh, and Newsflash: Every single study ever conducted on the subject has overwhelmingly found that conservatives are happier than liberals, even when the liberals have won and their American-hating Messiah is in office. Studies have also concluded that conservatives overwhelmingly give more money to charity. That is because they believe in helping their fellow man - that's called humanity. They know that the government does not help people, it only takes from people. People help people! Sorry, but you do sound pretty whiney to me. It's the emotional liberal thing!

Mavis Davis:
No loss of energy, I just had to go to bed and wait for Molly's next whiney diatribe! :-)

It amuses me when the right wing think that President Obama hates America, and accuse him of being racist. It also amuses me that the right wing believe that they are always right and they can't debate anything but can only be insulting.

Um, I spelled her name wrong, shoot me, but I have left all her spelling mistakes on this post and the previous one.

Okay, so I lied and I posted this:

If I am a typical “whiney liberal” in your eyes, then you are the quintessential insulting right wing extremist who believes that their opinion is the only one that matters and you are unable to have a healthy debate without being insulting.

You don’t know me and you are wrong: I did not have an angry tone or any hatred when I was discussing health care. I do believe that everyone in this country is entitled to health care – no one should be left behind due to their circumstances or the fact that they cannot afford the same kind of treatment that others can. Am I mocking you in my tone of voice? Yes!

I started these comments stating that I believed Obama was not the Joker, but Bush was, because I find that particular picture of President Obama insulting, racist and derogatory. Those are my opinions. As a free American, I am entitled to them. You are entitled to yours, and I do not agree with you, but I have no hatred towards you.

I am not a fan of the previous president and you may not be a fan of the current president, but these are our individual opinions and should not spawn hatred.

With that, I am ending my part of the discussions because regardless of who is right and who is wrong, I am not going to resort to any further “debates” with you as it seems pointless.


Le Welsh said...

Have you made this Mavis Davis character up? She sounds interesting... ;)
Lots of love from the NHS! xx

M said...

No Le Welsh, she is real! Which is the scary part! She is a very angry right winged extremist who claims to be a Christian according to my good friend Tiffany who is her sister in law. Tiffany has to tolerate her as she is married to Mavis' brother.

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