Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Well I looked at the house and it was not for me - it had no air conditioning and if you live in Nevada, you cannot live without A/C! But I do have my eye on a rather cute 1940's house that has been remodeled and has a lot of character, not to mention a very nice back yard, so I will keep you all posted.

And I promise to read your blogs soon, however I must go to bed now as I was up all night thinking about moving, expenses, bills, packing, unpacking, cleaning the new house, cleaning the old house - well, you get the picture. I was up most of the night and am exhausted!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


No, I will not be sacrificing Ned, although there are indications that God liked that in the past. However, I think it would be frowned upon nowadays. Instead, I need to make some personal sacrifices. There is a school that I want to put Ned in for Kindergarten/Elementary this year and it is currently opposite his preschool. He could have before and after care at his current preschool and they escort them to the K/E school and pick them up again. Perfect arrangement, especially as I work in their office and get a lovely discount each week on tuition.

There is just one problem. We are not zoned for this school which means that we either have to apply for a variance, which the principal told me that it would be highly unlikely that it went through due to limited spaces, or move. I would like the second option because while my house is suitable, it is on the other side of the city to where I work and extremely old.

So I have been cruising the neighborhoods for the perfect house at the perfect price and yesterday I found one. Except it was not so perfectly $335 more than what I pay in rent a month now. $1200 per month to be exact. I contacted the property managers and haggled. They said they would go back to the owners and ask them if they would accept $1,000 per month because as they said, some rent is better than no rent. If I could get them to go $200 less that would be amazing.

Except for moving costs of course, not to mention the extra rent. But it is worth it for Ned's education. This school is one of the best in the area and I have to think about the long term. His tuition will decrease in the fall when he goes to Kindergarten. My car loan will be paid off in exactly one year. It is a better neighborhood and less of a drive for me to go to work. And I so want this house!

There are three bathrooms! Three! The yard is huge, appliances included, two car garage, three bedrooms (instead of the two I have now). I desperately want this house. I figure even if he says $1100 I should take it. My boss has kindly said he will give me 2 hours overtime every week without fail - basically whether there is work or not but with him, I know there will be. That is an extra $240 a month so I should take $1100 if they offer it, right? Right??????

I have so many people who would help me move but unfortunately none of them will pay the moving costs! So I have decided that even if I have to live without TV and the internet at home for a while I will do it. Sacrifices have to be made! Any other suggestions, tips, offers of money, reimbursement of moving costs, etc? The latter being more preferable of course!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I took Ned sledding today in Truckee - the snow was dumping down and it was beautiful. Unfortunately, I made a very unwise choice and decided to sled myself. I came off the sled and banged my head really hard. I don't know if I am concussed but hopefully I am not, and there is no permanent damage. I was slightly unbalanced before so maybe this has knocked some sense back into me?!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Hearts Day

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another Rant!

This is disturbing. I know I have been on this soapbox before, but this bothers me on so many levels.

How can you think that food stamps are not welfare?
Why do you think that your family and friends should help and support you when YOU made the decision to have so many children?

Were you bored one day? Did you not find your six children enough? Did you think, oh I know, I will go to this really expensive Beverly Hills doctor, get myself pregnant again even though I already have six kids, am a single mom and live with my parents? I am a single mom and I only have one child but I always wanted two, however there is no way I would go out and have another one just because that is what I always wanted. I can't afford it and I wouldn't be able to cope.

I'm sorry, I think it is appalling you are making money off this by doing television interviews for a fee, lying in them and then you have a website asking people to donate money to you.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Ned has had these really horrible spots on his leg for about 6 months, which are known as molluscum and are contagious. I know that he probably got them from preschool, but I have not been able to talk to them about it for fear of them saying he could not go, because I don't know what I would have done with him while I worked. Anyway, this is what it looks like and they itch and the more you scratch, the more you spread them. Try explaining to a four year old that he can't scratch.

Today, we went to the dermatologists who informed me the cream was ridiculously expensive (around $300) and she didn't recommend it anyway because it didn't yield very good results. Another option was this liquid nitrate stuff that burns them off but hurts and they don't like to do that to children. Don't worry missy, I was thinking, you aren't going to do that to my child anyway! What she did recommend was something that has a medical name but is actually beetle juice. Yes, beetle juice. From a blister beetle. Aptly named as these horrible little pox family spots are very similar to blisters at times.

So she put it on, it doesn't hurt - yet. We had to wash it off after four hours and apparently blisters can occur and they can really hurt, so I am hoping that he is okay tomorrow and not in any pain.

Right now, I have medical bills coming out of my ears from the last four months, what with check ups, psychologist visits for Ned and his pooping problems, my ingrown toenail and physiotherapy from a year ago! I am sure this visit today will not be cheap so here is hoping that I have now met the deductible and won't have to pay a thing more!

On a positive note, I completed my American citizenship forms and mailed them off yesterday, with a big whopping check for $675 which hurt like hell, but it is an investment and hopefully, everything will go through. Will keep you posted on this.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Kenny & Spenny

Someone introduced me to these two guys recently on Youtube and they are hilarious. You have to watch this video, there are three parts and I will leave it up to you to see if you want to watch the other two, but I almost peed my pants watching it!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Office Life

Have you ever watched The Office and thought how bizarre those people are? I work somewhere similar. The girl in the next office to me does sound effects to go with everything. Like when she shuts a door, or a drawer, she makes a weird sound effect noise. When she walks through my office, she does a sound effect noise. Why would anyone do this?

Then there is another woman who is seriously overweight. Don't get me wrong, I am not the skinny bitch I wish I was, but this woman can barely breathe. And when she does breathe, it sounds like one of those horror movies where there is a dirty old man on the phone breathing down it to a poor, young, terrified girl. I am that terrified girl. There is a connecting part of my office to another office, and she often stands in there and I always know when she is there without her saying a word. Because I can hear her breathing! She also shuffles when she walks so I hear shuffle - breathe - shuffle - breathe. It is disturbing. Not to mention on top of all this, she falls asleep in meetings and snores. Loudly. Snore - breathe - snore - breathe.

Down the hall is a woman who has been engaged 3 or 4 times since I started working here, just over one year ago! She ended up marrying the first guy that she was engaged too, after living with one of the guys (also engaged to) who then tried to kill her by poisoning her food. Seriously, I think being single has its advantages!

Sometimes I wonder if I am being Punked, or if there is a secret camera filming us to get ideas for the show The Office. It is like being in a mad mad circus some days! If you watch The Office and see a Sound Effects Girl and a Shuffler, will you please let me know, then I won't feel like I am crazy.

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