Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Saga Must End

The saga must end because I cannot indulge her nonsense any longer. These are her last words (to me, unfortunately not her last words in the world):

Mavis Davis:
I love how you whine about not being a whiner. You are a typical liberal whiner who has no problem angrily insulting the oppostion, then you try to end the conversation by calling the opposition mean and angry - right after you tell me you are mocking me with your tone. KOO KOO! You say I cannot have healthy debate, I believe our debate was very healthy! We both have different opinions, but one is right and the other wrong. You apologize to Tiffany for the political debate that occurred as a result of her posting a politically charged picture on HER Facebook. YOU were the first to add a comment on HER page - a comment that was insulting to her political opinion. You started it all my dear, if you want it to end, then shut up. I'm perfectly happy trying to educate you!

I know Taffy can handle it, that's why I felt an apology was unnecessary, also because I know that she and I have the same political opinions. She would have no doubt been nicer to you, you are her friend, you are not mine. You are a threat to my country and my freedom. You say you are from England - since you think their socialist way of life is so grand, go back there! How dare you come here and try to change the greatest country in history. We have a standard of living that is the envy of the world. You are angry because your arguments SUCK and I am angry because I'm watching people like you, with your simple-minded ideology, destroy my country. You are entitled to your opinion, you are not entitled to destroy people's freedoms or to health care! You have yet to answer any of the arguments given that throughout history it is proven that the more you do for people, the less they do for themselves. Creating lazy people with entitlement mentalities has never helped a society.

But you liberals never have learned from history. Why would you start now? Your belief system does nothing to actually help people, it only makes you feel good about yourself. P.S. The indecent hate the decent - that is why people hate George W. Bush. He loved this country, can't say the same about the current administration, kept us safe, and was great for the economy until the libs were voted in control of the House and Senate in 2006. Facts are facts, wah wah wah.

Wow, all five foot two of me is a threat to America? I must go back to England even though I am a LEGAL American citizen? I did not know I could be so threatening, how fun! Now I must go and use all my evil powers that stem from Europe (as all evil powers do) to bring down the greatest country in history! Mwahahahaha!!!!!


Soda and Candy said...

Yeah you have about as much hope of changing her views as she has of changing yours... save your energy, I say!

I love how it always ends up at "If you think it's so shit here why don't you go home/to Russia etc." Isn't the whole point that we have the freedom and the ability to question and work to improve what our government does and how our society operates?

: )

thechrlog said...

What a dick.

Ruby said...

WOW. I am just tired speed reading this, not even being involved in it!

Let's say this about that: You girls are PASSIONATE about your beliefs. And that's all that really needs to be said. Who's up for a drink?! :)

M said...

Me, I want a drink!

She is tiresome, she drained all of my energy. Even Tiffany who is right winged and CAN have a healthy conversation with me about politics can't stand how extreme she is!

Chrlog - you took the words right out of my mouth!

Soda and Candy - I ALWAYS get that response "go home to England" when I meet someone I disagree with. I find it amusing that people who think they are right all the time are just so damn insulting! Um, America was created by immigrants dumb asses!

Sorry, I get so insulting myself but I just can't bear stupidity!

Le Welsh said...

I don't mean to offend anybody here (honest!) and certainly don't care for being involved in any scary debates (been there, done that, got scared off) but I'm still a little agog at the "greatest country in history" bit. Not wishing to disagree but exactly how are we scoring this? I'm sure there are many countries whose residents would consider theirs the greatest country in history. Personally, I would like to put Wales forward for the title. No debate required :) Big love across the oceans and mountains and political divides! xxx

M said...

As a big fan of Wales and all things Welsh, I second that motion Welshy!!!

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