Thursday, March 26, 2009

Almost There

Forgive me for posting and not reading any blogs, I am overloaded! I only have two more days and then I will be moving into my new cute house, and turning 39 again for the second time! Who moves on their birthday?!

So, things that have stressed me out this week:

Dropped a deposit off at the bank over the weekend and put it in the night drop. Bank recorded the deposit on Monday morning and then promptly lost it. Overdraft fees were incurred, still no deposit. Today, they have put the deposit in there (it was posted to someone else's account) and reimbursed me for the overdraft fees - twice! Two deposits, two overdraft fees!

A medical billing office has apparently kept a credit of mine on their accounts since April 2008. I only found out about it in February this year and have tried to get the money back three times, with people promising me that they would start the refund process immediately. On Tuesday I called again to see where it was and was told that there is nothing in the notes and no refund was ever processed. Great! Fuming, I demanded they cut me a check and call me when it was ready so I could go pick it up in person. They got on it straight away and I picked up the check yesterday. And promptly deposited in the bank where my previous deposit was lost! Fingers crossed!

My property manager seems to think that a walk through of the house I am moving into on Saturday is not necessary until AFTER I move in. WTF? So, if there is damage already there, is he going to try and say I did it when I moved in? I don't think so, my camera will be on hand to record everything!

The guy who owns the house needs to put up smoke detectors, deadbolts and a blind on the kitchen window. He has had weeks to do this and has informed the property manager that he has until April 1st to do it so he will do it some time before then. Um hello, my lease starts March 28th. Again, WTF?!

So yes, I have been a little stressed out to say the least, not to mention I also went to a counselling session with my ex last weekend over parenting concerns that I had regarding him, and it was emotionally exhausting, but here is hoping that the weekend goes well and I will be all moved in with no major incidents to report very soon!

I don't have internet at home right now and I am not sure when it will be up and running again, but please, just bear with me!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Feckin' hell!

Sorry, that is the only title I could come up with. I have just spent almost an hour and a half catching up on blogs. I have been off work most of the week due to the flu. I was supposed to really get on with things and start packing today but all I have accomplished is three boxes. I don't move for another two weeks but with two jobs, Ned's dance class and Tae Kwan Do classes (2 of them!) each week, a counselling session with the ex hubby about his parenting abilities next Saturday, I am wondering if I will be able to pack everything in time.

Feckin' hell!

I will post more on the counselling session and the reason it came about when I am not so tired/still worn out from the flu/packing/working/dancing/Tae Kwan Do-ing.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Home Sweet Home

So this is the house I have been approved for, pending my credit check, and I am so excited! It is really close to where I work so no more getting on the freeway, and it is zoned for the school I want Ned to go to. It will literally take me minutes to get to work in the car.

It was built in 1940 and has only ever had one owner, and I am not sure whether she moved out to a nursing home or died last year - I don't want to ask! It is just so cute and retro like, I love it. The master bedroom is so much bigger than mine, with a little vanity area off the bedroom that leads to my own bathroom! And the garden out back is lovely, a perfect play area for Ned and hopefully it will be nice enough to have his birthday party there in June. It also has a basement where I can do my laundry and store stuff, and as I am a pack rat, I am sure I won't have too much trouble filling that place up!

I am sooo excited! Moving house again was something I didn't really anticipate until I realized that it would be so difficult to get a variance for Ned at the school I wanted. But I really feel that this place is our home so I am really pleased we got it.

And now, I will be moving on my second 39th birthday - hurrah, I think!

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