Sunday, August 2, 2009

Visitors from Vegas

Well you must know that I have some fabulous news if I am actually posting something on my blog! I just got news that Shelly is coming to visit in September and I am soooo excited!!!

I have never met Shelly. Shelly has never met me. I hope we like each other! I have a feeling that after a few of my martinis we will be the best of friends!!!

And the best part.........Ned is going to his dad's that weekend so we can have a total girlie drunkfest of a weekend!!!


f8hasit said...

Too late to buy a ticket? Girlie night drunkfest sounds like a blast...

...enjoy! I'm sure it will be fodder for amny a new post?

Shelly... said...

Wooo hooo can't wait to meet/see you!
It will be a girl's drunkfest the more the merrier!

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