Saturday, December 12, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Last Sunday it snowed. It snowed so much that schools were cancelled and for the first time since 1997, my campus closed. The roads have been awful, the weather has been freezing so the snow hasn't melted. And last night we had some more. And today we have had more. And it is still snowing now!

In my 8 years in Northern Nevada, I have not ever seen as much snow as I am seeing right now. In fact, I many not have seen this much snow in all my life! And I am annoyed it is a weekend because by Monday, you know that the campus will be open and I will have to go to work! Damn it!

Ned got to sled with the neighborhood kids at an empty lot down the street, while me and another mom made lunch and had martinis - the only way to spend a snow day!

These are pictures from last week - I will take more tomorrow!


f8hasit said...

By the time that storm reached where I live it had turned to sleet. So we just slid around a bit!

I think that I'd rather the snow than the ice though. Nothing like the twinkle of Christmas lights on fresh snow!

Stephanie said...

I can't believe all the snow! We're moving to Southern California in about three weeks and there's more snow in Tehachapi, where we're moving, than there is in MINNESOTA, where we are now. Crazy!

Soda and Candy said...

Wow! That is a lot of snow!!! At least with that much it looks nice and white and doesn't turn to brown slush.

M said...

The snow is beautiful I have to say, coming from England I despise the rain but snow, I love! It is just a bit too dangerous to drive in.

Stephanie I can't believe you are moving again! And to the middle of nowhere! Let me tell you, I have been to Bakersfield in the summer time, which is near there, and it gets hot, real hot! So be prepared!

Rebecca said...

I remember that storm in '97. I traveled back to N.C. for Christmas with some friends and my plane got delayed by over 2 hours because of the weather which made me miss my connection in Dallas and I had to be put up in a hotel over night from the airline, by the time I made it to N.C. I was totally freaked out by it all... and then when I got back to Nevada everything started to melt - and it melted FAST... The big snow turned into even bigger flooding.. it was horrible!

Geez, I really hope this doesn't melt too fast.

And I really hope it is done for a bit... I need them to get these roads cleared, LOL!

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