Monday, December 14, 2009

Waiting for a special Christmas visitor

And no, it is not Santa! My dad arrives on Wednesday from England and is due to stay until New Year's Day, however the airline he is flying with goes on strike next week so who knows how long he will be here for!

It's kind of bittersweet him coming, I am so excited to see him and he hasn't been to America in 5 years. But this will be his first trip without my mom, and this will be our first Christmas without her. It will also, as my sister reminded me, be the first Christmas in a long time where there hasn't been an argument! Not that I was always there for those joyous events, but I sometimes somehow became involved just by being on the other end of the phone! My mom always wanted Christmas to be perfect, it had to run on her schedule and she didn't always tell you what the schedule was, but she expected you to know it. If she forgot to do something, she would be annoyed that you had not thought of it and then the day would be ruined in her eyes because of one minor detail that did not go to plan.

So there are no schedules this year, no plans for anything exciting, just hanging out and relaxing which is exactly what my dad needs. And of course, plenty of alcohol! I introduced him to martinis last year and he became a fan, so we will be drinking ourselves silly I am sure.

And of course, giving a little toast to my mom, because even though we disliked her schedules and the arguments at Christmas, it just won't be the same without her.


f8hasit said...

I know that sometimes I have an timeline or schedule that I've failed to verbalize...and expect those around me to KNOW. I think that I think that I HAVE shared it and everyone is ignoring it. But it's the conversation that runs in my head and not through my vocal chords.

Hope visit with Pops is great. I'll shake me up a martini and toast with you to our moms! Faulty or not, they were great...weren't they?!

FunnyGal KAT said...

Sounds like you have a great Christmas planned
(alcohol and relaxing, how can you go wrong with that combination?) I will join you in a martini toast to our moms. And I will be thinking of you as you celebrate your first Christmas without yours.

M said...

Nancy, I could complain about all the things wrong with my mom but the funny thing is, I am just like her!

Thanks Kat, it isn't easy but I am sure we will get through it.

A toast to all our moms!

Soda and Candy said...

Are you doing a Christmas martini with a cinnamon rim?

; )

M said...

I shall be doing my chaitini which has a cinnamon rim, but I think we will be trying them all! Key Lime Pie, White Chocolate, Pumpkin and Cosmos!

Shelly... said...

I am so happy your dad will be there with you and Ned. The first Christmas after a loss is always the hardest so it will be nice to be able to support each other!
And, I will be there in about 4 weeks to sample your many delicious martinis! Woo hoo!!!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Although it's been awhile I do recall your posts about your mom. Your Christmas sounds wonderful but did your Mom pass or just not coming to Nevada? I am so sorry if she passed.

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