Thursday, January 7, 2010

Online Dating

I quietly decided a few weeks ago that I am not interested in finding a man to share my life with. The main reason for this is I quite like my life just the way it is and I am not prepared to change it for anyone. Selfish, I know, but it is just the way I feel right now. I will probably change my mind in 6 months when the winter has gone and I have hopefully shed a few pounds but for now, I am happy with my day to day routine and I do not want to have to take anyone else into consideration other than Ned and myself.

In the meantime I had forgotten to take down my profile on an online dating site that I have been on for years, goodness knows why because only losers ever contact me through there. And last night I received a reminder of why I should not be on this site:

Loser: wanna get high with me?
Me: what?
Loser: wanna get high with me?
Me: no thanks, I don't get high
Loser: wanna get loaded honey?
Me: um, no, I don't get loaded, wasted, stoned, high or anything of a similar nature
Loser: ha, just kidding, just trying to get your attention
Me: dude, you are weird. don't you think there are better ways to get my attention?
Loser: but I did get your attention, ha ha (I am imagining him stoned and laughing hysterically at this point while raiding his fridge because he has the munchies)
Me: Are you on Reno's Most Wanted list? Are you a stalker? I have a friend who is a US Marshall you know, I can find this stuff out.
Loser: good one! email me in 45 minutes, I have to go out

Um, to get stoned even more? To stalk some girl that you have been harassing for the past 6 months? I think I will pass thanks.

He then sends me a message telling me that he is quite safe, he is only a bmx biker who is 5'3".

Seriously, how could I date a guy who is only 1 inch taller than me and therefore qualifies as official hobbit height and is a bmx biker? How the hell would he pick me up for a date on his bmx bike?

I deleted my profile!


FunnyGal KAT said...

Oh, ugh. Online dating-- I remember those days. And it was a personal pet peeve of mine when guys started calling me by pet names (honey, babe, sweetie) in our first IM conversation or email.

But for the blog's sake, perhaps you should give the midget BMX dude a change-- think of the stories you'd have from that date!

Rebecca said...

LMBO!!! "hobbit" You crack me up!!!

M said...

Kat, I will not date a bmx riding hobbit just for your amusement!

Soda and Candy said...

"ha, just kidding, just trying to get your attention"

Pull the other one, Frodo.

; )

Shelly... said...

You know you want a fun hobbit sized man!! I don't blame you for pulling your profile...

M said...

I don't want to date any man Shelly, let alone this hobbit. And he is an angry hobbit. Because I did not respond the way he wanted, he sent me like a million emails and they were very bitter. He is a bitter little hobbit!

kimmers said...

Oh, ew, what a loser lol. And LMAO to the "angry hobbit"!! If witty conversation doesn't win a girl over, just send nasty emails! That's sure to do the trick.

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