Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Look At Me Ma!

Ned thinks that after two trips to the ice rink, he knows how to skate.
Ned says he is not going for skating lessons.
Ned kicks and screams and is on the verge of a tantrum.
Ned's mom screams back "You do not know everything, I have paid for these lessons and you are going damn it, and you are going to like it!"
Ned shrugs his shoulders and says "okay", like it's no big deal.
Ned's mom wants to strangle Ned but she resists and instead, takes him to his ice skating lesson.
Ned rocks the rink!
After a deer in the headlight look of panic as he stepped out onto the ice without me holding his hand, he took a deep breath and went for it. He listened to the instructor. He skated forward. He skated backward. He even learned how to stop.

I love my little ice skating Ned!


Shelly... said...

Ice skating lessons sound like fun! Glad he decided to go without to much of a fight! :~)

Rebecca said...

What a great smile!

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