Monday, May 4, 2009

Wanted: New Daddy

So the other week, Ned said something to me that I had been hoping he never would.

Ned: We don't have a daddy living in this house.
Me: No, no we don't. But you do have a daddy.
Ned: I know. But he's at his house.
Me: But he loves you very much, just like I do.
Ned: Can we get a new daddy at this house?
Me: Believe me, I have been trying forever! Can you keep your eyes peeled and find a good one for the both of us?
Ned: Yes!

So then nothing until today when he mentions it again. I reminded him that he already had a dad (I am so not into "new daddies" when kids already have one, even if they are useless like Ned's dad) and he said "no mom, just another daddy who lives at our house and will pick me up from school".

I feel so bad for the kid, he so desperately wants a father figure in his life on a daily basis and he sees his friends dads picking them up from school and he wants that. But now all I can think about is shit, I know what he is like, he is going to be asking every man he sees to be his new daddy! And that is not going to look good when we are in the middle of the grocery store. Men will be abandoning their shopping carts and making a mad dash for the closest exit!


Meg said...

That about broke my heart to read. I know I will probably go through something like this when Gage gets older.

Amy said...

Bless his sweet little heart! I hope he gets his wish...for your sake..

Shelly... said...

Well, it will make for interesting blog posts if you have stories to tell about Ned asking every man to be his daddy! :)

Christy said...

Awww...well, I didn't grow up with a dad (he not only didn't live with us, he was not involved at all--ever) and I have to say it was hard at times but I know now that I'm older not having MY father in my life growing up was probably a blessing! I had enough issues to deal with. Ned will work it out later...but it is still a little sad. :(

Z's Mom said...

Awww....what a sweetheart!!!!

wendy said...

How sweet is he?! *sigh*

Mariah said...

You know, my kids have been through the EXACT thing. Their dad tries, but he is in Texas and that makes it a little hard to pick them up from school and stuff. What I did when my kids were younger was, ALWAYS request a male coach and/ or teachers and look into a mentoring program. There are amazing people out there that WILL pick him up an dplay ball with him. That's what he needs. It makes me sad.

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