Friday, January 16, 2009

I Rule Britannia

Well, I like to think I did in the three weeks I was home! This is me in my friend's 1940's themed room (yes, she has a themed room!). Nearly everything in there is genuinely from the 1940's, including this flag which was used in the war and belonged to her grandfather.

I love my friend. Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, but she is such a nice person and I think I saw more of her out of all my friends because she is just so easy to be around. She is also one of Ned's godmother's - he has three!

It was lovely seeing my friends and family, but I really missed America and my "home". So now I have decided to take the citizenship test and make it official, because I never want to live anywhere else. And it will mean that in the future I can vote, so hurrah for that! Also, my lovely sister has decided that it may be in her and my nephew's best interest to come out and live here with us, so I need to get my citizenship so I can sponsor her. If anyone would like to donate to the "Get Ellie Out Here" fund then please contact me, as it costs a frickin' fortune to file for citizenship ($675) and sponsorship ($355)!

Here she is, my lovely lovely sister:
And she is definitely into martinis as well, so you will all really like her, I promise!

Finally, here is a little shot of the christening party - if I say it was fucking freezing, that will be an understatement, but seriously, it was fucking freezing!
And the beautiful old church:Very old and historic church - because you know, England is where all the history is from! At least that's what Eddie Izzard says anyway!


Bitsy said...

No kidding!?! I've often wondered if you would take that step. :)

Steph/ven said...

Are they fairy godmothers? Because I imagine they could come in handy.

Le Welsh said...

Your sister looks just like you! (In case you hadn't noticed that one yourself...) x

wendy said...

That's a big step! Congrats on such a decision! :)

Amy said...

I've always wanted to visit England. I know it has to be awesome!

me said...

Steph/ven, they seem like fairy godmothers, so maybe they do have a bit of magic!

Welshy, I know, we get that a lot!

Z's Mom said...

That is soooo awesome...I'm glad you are making it official! We might definitely need your vote know..times are hard and all.

I hope your sister gets to come too....that would be so great for the 2 of you...and your kids. She looks A LOT like you in that picture.

Megan said...

Mols, you look fab in the family pic! And Yippee! on you decided that the good ol' USA is where it's at! :)

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