Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Weekend

About a year and a half ago when I resided on a different blog, some chicky posts a comment on my blog and says "hey, I live in Nevada too, we should be friends!". I am thinking, girlfriend, I am never going to meet you, you live in Vegas, I live in Reno, we are an 8 hour drive from each other.

Silly, silly me!

So, I get this email from Shelly last year saying that her husband is coming up to the air races and she is going to come with him and see me. Um, okay, I think! What do I know about this person, except for she sometimes posts on a blog called Seriously, Shelly, and she likes to drink? Oh, she likes to drink, who cares if she is an axe wielding lunatic who will stalk me forever! She drinks!!!!

That was my first visit from Shelly. Before Christmas I got another email saying, hey, I'm coming up to see you because I have a free air ticket! Hmm, more drinking me thinks!

Shelly arrived on Saturday and we had a great weekend, that was full of pasta, wine, martinis, Thai food, drinks at a bar with guys we have never met, going to bed on time (I love you Shelly for not making me stay up past my bed time!), taking cleavage photos, eating Sunday breakfast at Mel's Diner at noon, shopping at Target, good food, more martinis, laughing at the Golden Globes.

Yes, I am in love with Shelly! We had a blast and it was so much fun! Next on the list is a trip to Tahoe with Shelly and Christy (girl, where is your blog for I have lost it!) because I don't have the money to go visit Christy in New Hampshire!

And now, I must detox for the next four weeks to get my liver functioning again!


Shelly... said...

OMG that was SUCH a fun weekend!! I'm not to creepy of a stalker just creepy enough. Glad we are friends!

Shelly... said...

Oh, and I think a trip to Tahoe is on the agenda next...

M said...

You are not creepy at all and you drink, so you are the right kind of stalker for me!

Tahoe is a must, sort it out with Christi.

Oh, and do you like the nice cleavage pic?

dwight said...

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